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Jump start your career growth by showcasing
your validated professional credibility!
No credit card required
Slate - Your reimagined digital
resume with validated credentials
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Create your credibility in 3 steps

Post your accomplishments as milestones

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  • AI engine will assist to you to create
    a complete milestone
  • Describe your accomplishments in
    simple conversational text
  • Create additional projects if you work in
    different assignments

Get feedback on your milestones

  • Get feedback form all stakeholders with
    whom you work
  • Feedbacks are kept private and
    confidential only used by rating engine
  • Ratings are computed for your
    milestone and skills
  • Identify your strengths or differentiators
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Build your Slate (digital resume)

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  • Create your new digital slate
  • Customize what information you want
    to share
  • Publish your progress to the professional
    community to accelerate your career growth

Five principles to establish professional credibility

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Anonymous reviews to get true and unbiased input

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Involve all stakeholders

All stakeholders should be involved not just the friendly and favorable ones

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Unsolicited Feedback to get unbiased input

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Continuous feedback for a long term view and to identify consistent performers

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Open Format

Unrestricted format to provide inputs without constraints

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Benefits of getCREDIBLE

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Accelerate your career growth by

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Displaying validated skills by your professional ecosystem

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Timeline based interactive performance dashboard

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Mentor other professionals and step up your skills based on feedback

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Land your first job by

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Displaying your credibilty gained in internship and co-op programs while in college

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Increase in skill levels gained through your internship

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Your learning and problem-solving skill built with mentors and professors